Georgina. 24. Pink haired. Fat. Loves: blogging; shopping; sewing; making accessories; lolita fashion; pink; cute stuff; the walking dead; virginia andrews novels; dresses; crochet; game of thrones; the vampire diaries; buffy; gingham; dogs; kitten themed clothing; dressing like a 5 year old.

I blog at Cupcake's Clothes, and sell my handmade accessories at Dolly Darling :)

Custard cream anyone? #dollydarling
Spending the afternoon listening to ABBA and crafting headbands:)

aikimin said: Hello~ :) I really love your blog and i saw your have wonderful thights in many colors but i didn't see anything about where you buy them... Could you give me a website where i can find it ( I live in France so maybe one who can deliver in my country)? Have a nice day and thanks :)

You can find the places where I get my stuff from on my main blog,, but I mainly shop at asos, very, new look, etc, or make my own clothes.

If you want to know where a specific piece is from & I haven’t listed it my blog, do send me a message & I can let you know

kyannasdream said: Omgosh your so good at making stuff. Its so cute and so are you! <3 -runs away shyly-

Aww, thank you! :)

nabioverload said: *squee* So glad to see you on tumblr. I have come across your blog a few times. Now I can keep up with you on here. I adore your creations and various styles. I'm starting to work up to creating my own. I have a lot of ideas but my sewing has mostly been for teddy bears. :P Thanks for being a creative inspiration.

Thank you very much! Hope your sewing adventure goes well, sewing your own clothes is very satisfying!

Actual ootd 😛
New dress 😍
#dollydarling kitten ear headband now comes in black :)
My boyfriend is the bestest❤️
Matching skirt to the strawberry picnic top now available! #dollydarling