Georgina. 24. Pink haired. Fat. Loves: blogging; shopping; sewing; making accessories; lolita fashion; pink; cute stuff; the walking dead; virginia andrews novels; dresses; crochet; game of thrones; the vampire diaries; buffy; gingham; dogs; kitten themed clothing; dressing like a 5 year old.

I blog at Cupcake's Clothes, and sell my handmade accessories at Dolly Darling :)

Went pottery painting with the bf yesterday, this is what I did.  Now we have to wait a week for our pieces to be glazed, fingers crossed that they come out okay!
I realised it was raining so I had to out on tights. On the upside I get to wear my new coat :p

dinosaurs-in-flower-crowns said: You are so cute,and I love your style! <3

Aww, thank you very much!

Baking πŸͺ
ootd :)

les-dykawitz said: where did you get that pink bunny onesie?!?! Its so cute and I want one so bad!!!

Sadly it’s not pink, but I got it from Next a while ago. I don’t think it’s available anymore :(

Ootd 😝 whyyy am I so cold!?

lotsalipstick said: I just bought a few pieces from you and I'm so excited to receive them!

Yay! I hope you like them, & please do let me know if you share pictures, it makes me so happy to see people wearing things I’ve made! xx